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Algal Services Provided

We provide live algal (Phytoplankton) strains that can be used for the following-

  • Carbon (CO2) Sequestration/ Scrub
  • Biosynthesis
  • Health
  • Hobby
  • Research
  • Bio fuels ( ethanol, methanol, JP-8 fuel, biodiesel, RC Cars)
  • Aquaculture Feed 
  • Animal Feed
  • Biofertilizer
  • Clean Waste Water
  • Pharma-Nutraceuticals
  • anti-oxidants
  • omega fatty acids
  • Extremely High Proteins
  • Removal of Dangerous Metals
  • Removal of Nitrogen and High Nutrients
  • Air and Water Remediation

​We also Provide the following Services

  • Clean and Isolate Contaminated Strains or Cultures
  • ​Sales of Algal Pastes and Powders
  • Consult on Strains for Various Needs
  • Sales of Photo-Bioreactors and Containment Systems
  • Sales of Systems for Making Bio-Fuel and Equipment
  • Kits for Culturing your own Alga
  • Nutrients 

Culture Maintenance

We can clean and isolate algal cultures contaminated with any of the following: non-algal protists; other  algae; bacteria; fungi 
(prices will vary based on time spent and materials used)

  •   Plating, various dilutions and/or antibiotic techniques
 $75/hour plus materials.
  •   Flow cytometry sorting techniques starting at 
$500/culture plus materials.
  • Microscopic identification of your algal culture 
 $125 per strain