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Algabiotic Research Technologies™
Complete Alga Culturing Kits
Tanks and Supplies
This is a 6 Tube Vertical adjustable algal growth chamber manufactured by Algabiotic Research Technologies.
Six tubes six inch diameter and three feet tall.
All aluminum frame with six way manual adjustments to stay aligned with the sun.
3 liter solid glass windowsill tank for Spirulina cultivation. Comes with lid drilled with two ports. One for air and the other as a breather
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20 liter ten tube Algae photobioreactor
One Hydrofarm high performance pump
10 airlock contamination chambers
3/16 air line with air check valves
one 12 line adjustable air controls
every tank can be adjusted seaparately
Two 40 watt cool white light bulbs 
Solid brass fittings
PVC 40 all glued and screwed together
Unit Price $1395.95
Shipping $150.00

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